Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Choir Tour ....

This top picture is at the Newell K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, OH.
Barry was in charge of all the venue sales for the tour(on his vacation time). He set a lofty goal of 100,000 in sales. At the first stop in Toronto, he and his team (all volunteers- a lot of choir spouses) sold 22,000! They were working like crazy. The funny thing is, the theater only held about 1500 people! We did two concerts there though. Barry had shared his goal with everyone and before long the whole choir knew about it! He would be asked by several people every day how the sales were going. By the second venue sales were already up to 44,000. Yes... by the end he made his goal and even went over by 9,000. Choir Pres. promised him a steak dinner if he made the goal...we'll see. We performed in four outdoor venues-The Blossom ampitheater in Cleveland, Riverbend in Cincinatti, Ravinia in Chicago and Chautauqua in NY. The hottest was in Cleveland. It must have been 90 degrees and 90% humidity. We were informed there that a broadcast was going to be taped for future a showing. I only hope there were not too many closeups because most of us were dripping with sweat, especially me! When the bright lights were turned on it must have gotten to 110 degrees easy(add a hot flash to that! I about died). In Cincinatti we were the opening concert for the summer season with the Cincinatti Pops. Conductor ,was a lot of fun. He did something weird though...he made us all bow together! He was so thrilled with our sound and ability that he said a number of times that we had to move to Cincinatti. He never had anything to say to us but praise. There were over 10,000 there at Riverbend. All of the crowds were so enthusiastic and warm. It was a pleasure to perform for them. This picture was taken at Chautauqua during "Ah El Novio" Boy was I glad to get to the last two venues that were indoors. We performed in Nashville and Memphis. The latter for the very first time in the choir's history. At this point, KSL's and her cameraman joined our tour. We had a general authority travelling with us as well. We also had church security and travel department people with us. The tour was extremely well organized as you can imagine it would have to be with 574 people. We stayed in the nicest hotels, mostly Marriots and ate very delicious food...too much I'm afraid. I learned something though... food cannot energize you alone, you have to have enough rest as well. We lacked the rest portion a lot. I rested on the bus rides but you know how that is...I never really slept. Check out the list on the top left for some of our great newspaper reviews! Copy and paste the address .

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A 12 Day Mission

Well we're back from the choir tour. It was honestly so busy that I never had time to enter a post.
Here is an example: On the second day in Toronto we were up at 7am and bussed to sound checks at 10 am,then bussed to lunch, bussed back to 2 hour matinee concert , bussed back for dinner , bussed to evening two hour concert. After the concert we left Toronto in an eleven bus convoy stopped at the border for passport checks on every bus, and to Buffalo, NY to arrive for sleep at 1:30 am. That morning up at 7am leave at 9am for Chautauqua, NY. Sound check at 11:30 matinee at 2:00 hang out around the grounds til evening concert at 7:30. Around 10pm load buses for Cleveland to arrive around 2am. YAY got to sleep in til 8:30! These were our hardest days. It was a difficult and demanding tour physically,mentally . I felt at times that I was pressed to my limits. I remembered the pioneers that "in their extremities they became aquainted with God" I hoped that would be true for me and then I was reminded that I was only singing!!! This was a happy opportunity to bring peace and comfort to others! The Lord blessed me greatly and gave me strength of voice and spirit. We sang to over 50,000 people who shed tears of joy as they witnessed the Lord's choir perform with His power and love.
The choir is an amazing ambassador for the church to soften hearts and open doors. More to come....