Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our stake had a Christmas fireside this last week and Barry gave the stake presidency message. He spoke about the three levels of Christmas. I really learned from it so I want to relate what he said. The first level is the Santa Claus level which includes the giving of presents, singing of carols and general good will feeling. The second level is the silent night level. This is the story of the baby born in the manger. We sing and celebrate the birth of the Christ child. These two levels really do not last. The Christmas tree dries up, presents are forgotten or broken. The shepherds at the manger left, the Christ child grew up. It is the third and most important level that we should seek. It is the Adult Christ level. Keeping the Adult Christ in our lives and honoring and obeying His word is keeping Christmas all year long. I joy in my Redeemer and testify that He lives!