Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas: It's All About Kindness

I'm really into showing extra kindness these days with our PTSA theme of ARK (acts of random kindness...have you seen Evan Almighty? SEE IT))  So, speaking from the wife of a retail manager,  I implore all of you who may read this:  Show extra kindness to the souls who may serve you in the stores you may shop!   They're people too!!   Here is a simple truth:  The person who buys is no better than the person who sells.  All are alike in the retail arena.  Don't go into a store with the attitude that I am better and I deserve more.  Yes-customer service is important but not more than the person who is serving you.  BE KIND!!!  Your kind action will make that person's day and carry on into other people's lives as well.   Your impatient or condescending attitude will only add to too much unkindness that is already out there.  Put positive vibes out into the universe during this season of kindness and make it a Merry Christmas for everyone!!!

(p.s.  I know you are all kind anyway!)