Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Puerto Rico!

Here are some pictures of our trip.  It was a truly wonderful time.  Bryce did not let up on the work at all!  He took us to visit and challenge members and bring them to church!  We worked until 9pm the last night we were there.  He has been a most excellent missionary and we are very pleased with his service!P3040166  This old fort called "El Morro", was built in the 1500's.  P3050058P3050059 This is the apartment we stayed in at a members house.  All houses have tile floors.P3050008 A street in old San JuanP3050095 P3060161 P3050025 P3050046the view in a restaurant we went toP3040206 P3040190-1 P3040178-1