Monday, September 17, 2007

This and That

Sorry its been awhile since I've written. School is back in session and I am going full speed with PTA pres at American Fork High School. Its been fun and I think I make it busier than I need to...just coming up with more and more ideas all the time, you know... . We are sponsoring the ARK with an actual one in the main office. It stands for Acts of Random Kindness. The idea is that when you see someone doing something kind you put their name in the ark. We read all the names at the end of the week and draw one for a prize. So far its catching on. I think its a good thing for kids this age to try to think about someone else!
Last week I was in SLC almost every night in recording sessions with the MTC. We are producing a CD of MW's sacred works including his new "Requiem" . CJ said he is going to nominate M for the Pulitzer prize for choral composition.
He said there is nothing out there this good. We are performing this week at BYU for the homecoming spectacular show. C and M are being honored at it too. I;m excited for it.
We heard from Bryce today and he is now zone leader and opening up a whole new area. It is the northern half of Curacao called Barber. His zone also includes Bonaire. He sure enjoys the work of the Lord.