Thursday, November 26, 2009


Truly blessed and truly thankful I am! The Lord is very kind to me and has blessed me all of my life. How grateful I am for a unusually good man as my husband. I am blessed with five upright and noble sons and three beautiful and precious daughters. I cherish my three grandchildren, Reese, Sawyer and Stella. These relationships are truly my greatest blessings and I know will last through all time. What a joy and blessing to live in America and to experience freedom to its fullest. I will always remember my Dad for his personal sacrifice in protecting this sacred gift. My heart is especially full today even to overflowing.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There Were Angels Among Us

On June 14, our Tab Choir tour had a very special send off by President Monson. He promised that we would receive many miracles and that angels would surround us and bear us up. I believe he is a prophet of God and I carried his words with me throughout the tour. The first angel that I felt was my Dad. He passed away recently on D-Day, June 6, from a long battle with cancer. I felt the distinct impression that he was assigned to watch over me on this important choir assignment. The second angel I detected was at our concert in Omaha, Nebraska. Earlier that day we had toured the winter quarters area where the temple and old pioneer graveyard are located. At the visitors center there, Barry called my attention to four words displayed prominently at the entrance: Consecration, Sacrifice, Cooperation and Charity. I realized that these things were what we specifically needing to practice during this choir tour. These pioneer angels were certainly in attendance at our concert that night and I especially felt the presence of William Clayton who composed Come Come Ye Saints at Winter Quarters. It was as if he was conducting us during that rendition.
The Spirit taught me that the Lord uses the choir to prepare the hearts of true and honest people for His coming. There were countless miracles taking place in the hearts of the many people who heard us sing.
At our final concert in Denver, Co. at the Redrocks ampitheater, We had the joyous surprise of Pres. Monson attending! What a spectacular setting! I rejoiced in song as I gazed at the beauties of the Lord's creations around me. Toward the end of the concert, as we sang Come Come Ye Saints, my mind had a fleeting glimpse of special angels in heaven. They were the truest and most loyal friends revealed to my mortal mind from past eternities. Their faces and hearts were full of love, care and comfort for me . They had been watching over me all along. My heart was filled to overflowing so much that I could not sing. What a sweet and precious moment that I will always remember and cherish. I thank the Lord for His kindness and concern over the details of our lives. I thank Him for the blessings he sends us through a living prophet and for the privilege and honor it is to sing in His choir.

Friday, June 12, 2009

An Amazing Life

Walter Scott Barrett
W. Scott Barrett Logan, Utah Walter Scott Barrett peacefully passed away on June 6, 2009 at his home in Logan, Utah at the age of 84 due to cancer. Scott was born May 19, 1925 in Logan, Utah to Walter William Barrett and Myrtle Jeppson. The family moved to Phoenix, Arizona when Scott was in junior high. During World War II 19-year-old Scott set off to join the Air Force, but was so excited to learn to fly that his soaring blood pressure disqualified him. He was inducted into the Army July 1943 and served in the 99th "checkerboard" division as a corporal infantryman, the best marksman in his squad of 200. Captured at the start of the wintery Battle of the Bulge, he spent five months in a POW camp in Nuremburg, Germany until the end of the war. He was discharged from the army December 1945. Scott then served a three-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Western States, 1946-49. After his mission he earned his bachelor's and law degrees at the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall). He married Julia Ellsworth in 1951 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Upon graduation he began practicing law in Oakland, but when he was offered the job of assistant attorney general for the island of Guam he jumped at the chance. He wrote the bill that established long-awaited post-war security clearance for Guam which was read into the U.S. Congressional Record. Scott subsequently practiced law in Guam, San Francisco, Oakland, and American Samoa with several firms, including Barrett, Ferenz & Bramhall. As Scott and Julia raised their six children they resided alternately in Guam and Piedmont, California. In 1976 the family moved to Cache Valley to a farm in Lewiston while Scott opened a new practice and had their riverside home built in Logan. About this time he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot and flew his Beechcraft Sierra for more than two decades logging 3,300 hours and landing at more than 300 airports. Scott served as city attorney of Logan for 12 years and as a member of the Logan firm Barrett and Daines. In 1992 he helped found the Moab Music Festival and served as a generous and wise trustee. From 1999 on he was also deputy attorney for Grand County, making countless trips to Moab with Julia for both business and pleasure. He never retired, settling his last case from his sickbed. Scott served in the LDS Church as the Guam Branch President, in a bishopric in the Oakland 1st Ward, and taught the High Priests group in the Logan 8th Ward for many years. Most recently, he especially enjoyed home teaching. Throughout his life Scott's interests included photography, gardening, home improvement, health, music, astronomy, maps, reading, word puzzles and games, chess, coin collecting, walking and hiking, tennis, bike riding, skiing, and golf. He was a great example of physical and mental well-being, intellect, wit, and wisdom, unconditional love and boundless generosity. Scott leaves his family with many wonderful memories of love of life, faith, humility, integrity, and humor. Friends and family can enjoy some of his thoughts on http:// He is survived by his wife Julia, of Logan; his children, Cathryn Frisby (Stephen R.) of Orem, Utah, Janice Graham (Stephen F.) of Pleasant Grove, Utah, Michael Barrett (Leslie Tomkins) of Bronx, New York, Belinda Jensen (Barry K.) of Pleasant Grove, Utah, Clark Barrett (Brenda Gardner) of Hyde Park, Utah, and Blake Barrett of South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 26 grandchildren, and 28 great grandchildren, a brother, David Bruce Barrett of Salem, Oregon, a sister, Joyce Barrett Stephenson of Salt Lake City. W. Scott Barrett was preceded in death by two brothers, Gwynn William Barrett (2006) and Stephen Lee Barrett (2008). Funeral services will be held Wednesday, June 10, 12:30 p.m., at the LDS chapel at 325 Lauralin Drive, Logan. A viewing will be held previous to the funeral from 10-12 noon. Interment will follow at Logan City Cemetery. Memories and condolences may be shared with the famiy at The family wishes to thank friends, business associates, and extended family for unfailing support and Alpine Home Health Care and Hospice for generous and tender care at every turn of events.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Birth of a Business

Its been about a month now since I came up with a business idea. I was contemplating how to exercise my freedom and rugged individualism in a gloomy economic climate. I read a sentence in a book, "free choice is the essence of free enterprise". It inspired me! Then, I got to thinking about my gardening experience last year in building a square foot garden. I reflected about how hard it was to get my soil just right for healthy vegies, and all the time an effort that went into this project. When I first started I had searched the web for anyone that sold these products to get started. There was no one and I had to refer to the book over and over and over trying to get the details just right. I still didn't get it all right but managed to enjoy myself and have some success. I suddenly identified a need. I realized that I could really help people with square foot gardening. This is a perfect time too, when people are really thinking about being more self reliant and wanting more organic foods. With the help of family members, we came up with Home Gardens To Go; we supply the 4'x4' garden box AND just the right soil for it. We will deliver and set up your new garden and all you do is plant! I have had such positive response about this that we have worked really hard to be ready for this coming season. I am especially excited about our soil. I have a company mixing it just the way we want. It is less expensive than if you tried to buy and mix it yourself. I would like to give my teenage boys work to save for their missions. We're not expecting to make a lot of money but hope to have a great family experience of working together in our own business.Check out and get your box early to avoid being put on the waiting list! I want to especially thank Jonny Rejholec for creating our logo and Ben for designing the web site!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spiritual Creation

I recently watched Elder Bednar’s talk from last conference and was impressed with the thought he had about spiritually creating each day with prayer.  He compared it to the doctrine that the Lord created all thing spiritually before they were temporally created.

It occurred to me that I need to do better at spiritually creating my choir performance each Sunday.  I am going to do this by attending the temple Sat. morning, having gospel study, praying, and studying the music. I have to be careful too, about what movies and activities I involve myself  in on Saturday night.   I have already been doing these things but just being more aware of creating a performance spiritually will make a difference.

I really love serving the Lord in this calling!  Last week we ended the broadcast with “Rejoice the Lord is King” .  During the performance,  I felt the Lord’s very command:   Rejoice!!!    We live in the fullness of times and have the greatest blessings ever to be on the earth!

Barry’s Happy!

Remember the sitcom called Newhart?  It is Barry’s favorite show of all time.  Its the one with Larry, Darrell and Darrell.  The first season came out a year ago on DVD but nothing else since.  He found the entire season on the web for sale that was recorded off TV.  It came today and he’s watching it as I type. He’s pleased with the quality and very happy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get Lost!

                                       LOST Group


Bree and Chad are hosting a “Lost” party tomorrow night.  Its the new season premier.  Our kids have been pretty big fans.  In fact, last year Bree suggested we all get different “Lost” t-shirts to wear.  Barry and I are lukewarm fans but try to go along with the crowd.


                              Lost shirts


This is our new granddaughter, Estella  3 1/2 months .  She is really mild tempered and sweet.  What a blessing for Bree, Chad, Reese and all of us!

PICT0072  PICT0073