Monday, March 9, 2009

The Birth of a Business

Its been about a month now since I came up with a business idea. I was contemplating how to exercise my freedom and rugged individualism in a gloomy economic climate. I read a sentence in a book, "free choice is the essence of free enterprise". It inspired me! Then, I got to thinking about my gardening experience last year in building a square foot garden. I reflected about how hard it was to get my soil just right for healthy vegies, and all the time an effort that went into this project. When I first started I had searched the web for anyone that sold these products to get started. There was no one and I had to refer to the book over and over and over trying to get the details just right. I still didn't get it all right but managed to enjoy myself and have some success. I suddenly identified a need. I realized that I could really help people with square foot gardening. This is a perfect time too, when people are really thinking about being more self reliant and wanting more organic foods. With the help of family members, we came up with Home Gardens To Go; we supply the 4'x4' garden box AND just the right soil for it. We will deliver and set up your new garden and all you do is plant! I have had such positive response about this that we have worked really hard to be ready for this coming season. I am especially excited about our soil. I have a company mixing it just the way we want. It is less expensive than if you tried to buy and mix it yourself. I would like to give my teenage boys work to save for their missions. We're not expecting to make a lot of money but hope to have a great family experience of working together in our own business.Check out and get your box early to avoid being put on the waiting list! I want to especially thank Jonny Rejholec for creating our logo and Ben for designing the web site!


melody said...

Good luck with your new business! I think you are right about people being more aware of the need to grow their own food, and eat healthy as well. (I know I can't wait to get the seeds in the ground this year.)

Jonny had fun playing around with the logo, I think it looks great!

Cami said...

Great logo! I like the idea for sure. When I actually have a yard, I'll give you a call. :)