Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wow! What a weekend!

I've been busy with some choir concerts this week. The piece we performed for its premiere is a new Requiem by Mack Wilberg. It is an amazing piece of music and sure to be a classic. Its absolutely beautiful. Mack's publisher, Oxford Press (England) even sent two editors to be there. Mack is their best selling composer surpassing John Rutter. I hope it might be broadcast on BYU TV so watch for it. The Temple Square chorale also performed Mozart's Requiem which was as good as you could hear it anywhere in the world. We had four soloists from New York that were excellent. We got a pretty good review in the SLTrib. We never get to rest on our laurels though...we're already preparing now for a performance of Elijah with Bryn Terfel in less than two weeks!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Q&A Thing Going Around

For hours and hours I could...

visit with my husband and or children

sing with the Tab Choir.

Read a really good book.

I feel best about myself...
when I put others first

when I have work to do and I get it done

I absolutely cannot stand...



I am afraid of..

deep murky water

the idea of parachuting

I love to splurge by...

buying a new tennis racket

I save by...

buying one on sale

I hardly every buy groceries that aren't on sale

I am trying to work on...

remembering that I am third

Increasing my knowledge of geography

In high school...

I surprised my AP English teacher by really applying myself on a term paper about Jack London. She gave me a straight A

I loved being in choirs,tennis team and on the seminary council

I enjoyed my good friends
In college...

I enjoyed my great literature class and piano lessons

I feel I'm a good mom when...

I make a good dinner

I really listen to my kids

I regret...

not finishing college

I could never have too many...

tennis balls, flowers



What about you?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm a Tennis Bum

I went to the 4.0 tennis workout last Friday at Gold's Gym in Orem. It really makes me huff and puff ! There's a family of two brothers and a sister that do it for us. Sperry is their name. It is fast paced and fun. They have so many different drills that keep you moving for an hour and a half. I wish We had them two or three times a week. I finished our league season with a pretty good record-4 wins and 2 losses. I even won two singles matches. Tennis is so good for your mind and concentration. One time my doubles partner and I drove up to our match in SLC. For some reason we got on a really heavy subject...raising problem kids. We kept up the conversation all the way onto the court. We started our match but our minds were too far gone and we did not play well. We could have easily won the match but we blew it mentally by getting so involved with that conversation !
That's how it is in tennis. I've found that to do my best I need to psyche myself up a little the day of the match and focus well. I've been playing league for 15 years. Its pretty competitive which I like although a little time consuming. We play mostly in SLC and even Park City. Summer is the most competitive season. Its too bad it gets so hot!! I play better indoors. The Gold's 4. 0 AND 3.0 teams went to Hawaii last year for the National play off and the 3.0 team won theirs. We have a good group of players here. Its never too late to learn how to play and to improve your game!

Monday, April 9, 2007

The Choir's Home Again

This past week or so the choir entered the tabernacle for the first time in two years. We were rehearsing some things for conference and the dedicatory concerts. I felt a somber spirit of gratitude and awe at the beautiful additions and renovations done just for the choir. As we started Come Come Ye Saints I could not contain the emotion and lowered my head into my music folder and sobbed! My friend behind me was sobbing too! It was like everyone who has ever sung in those seats was sending a sigh of relief and joy that the choir was back where it belonged! It is definitely the HOME of the tabernacle choir and will be always. I felt humbled at the opportunity to hold this stewardship for a short time. Yesterday we had a picture taken with everyone who has anything to do with the broadcast production. There were probably 500+ people including Pres. Hinckley, front and center, who has been the adviser to the choir for 45 years. Our next big concert is the end of this month. The temple square chorale is performing the Mozart Requiem and the choir, Mack Wilberg's Requiem. In May, Bryn Terfel is coming to play the part of Elijah in that great work by Mendelssohn.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Guess Who's Expecting! & A funny thing happened...

Yes...we are expecting another grandchild! Ben and Lindsey announced it to us last week. He told the story of she and him driving along in their jeep and a bird swooped down and knocked Lindsey on the head. The funny thing was, it was a stork! We all got it but Bree. She said "Maybe it was a sign!" You'd have to be there. He or she is due around Dec. this year!
A funny thing happened at the last session of general conference. The choir is allowed to go up to the roof of the conference center between sessions to eat lunch. I always go up to get some fresh air and enjoy the view. There's one freight elevator that takes a bunch of us up. Well, it got to be 1:30 and we knew we better get to the elevator because it usually takes a while to transport everyone. We stood and waited 15 minutes and it wouldn't come! We (about 30 of us) started to panic and look for alternate ways down. I followed some members down some stairs and we ended up in the middle of the lobby and then right in the aisles of the main seating! We hurried past ushers who asked for our tickets (until they saw our attire) and up the side of the stage. It was by now 1:55 ! I whizzed to the stairs past Craig and Mack and to the loft putting on some powder and lipstick on the way. I was one of the last to make it ! One guy didn't make it and had his seat given to an alternate person (new member) I was a little rattled and sweaty but tried to gain some composure for the opening song !