Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spiritual Creation

I recently watched Elder Bednar’s talk from last conference and was impressed with the thought he had about spiritually creating each day with prayer.  He compared it to the doctrine that the Lord created all thing spiritually before they were temporally created.

It occurred to me that I need to do better at spiritually creating my choir performance each Sunday.  I am going to do this by attending the temple Sat. morning, having gospel study, praying, and studying the music. I have to be careful too, about what movies and activities I involve myself  in on Saturday night.   I have already been doing these things but just being more aware of creating a performance spiritually will make a difference.

I really love serving the Lord in this calling!  Last week we ended the broadcast with “Rejoice the Lord is King” .  During the performance,  I felt the Lord’s very command:   Rejoice!!!    We live in the fullness of times and have the greatest blessings ever to be on the earth!

Barry’s Happy!

Remember the sitcom called Newhart?  It is Barry’s favorite show of all time.  Its the one with Larry, Darrell and Darrell.  The first season came out a year ago on DVD but nothing else since.  He found the entire season on the web for sale that was recorded off TV.  It came today and he’s watching it as I type. He’s pleased with the quality and very happy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get Lost!

                                       LOST Group


Bree and Chad are hosting a “Lost” party tomorrow night.  Its the new season premier.  Our kids have been pretty big fans.  In fact, last year Bree suggested we all get different “Lost” t-shirts to wear.  Barry and I are lukewarm fans but try to go along with the crowd.


                              Lost shirts


This is our new granddaughter, Estella  3 1/2 months .  She is really mild tempered and sweet.  What a blessing for Bree, Chad, Reese and all of us!

PICT0072  PICT0073