Saturday, August 1, 2009

There Were Angels Among Us

On June 14, our Tab Choir tour had a very special send off by President Monson. He promised that we would receive many miracles and that angels would surround us and bear us up. I believe he is a prophet of God and I carried his words with me throughout the tour. The first angel that I felt was my Dad. He passed away recently on D-Day, June 6, from a long battle with cancer. I felt the distinct impression that he was assigned to watch over me on this important choir assignment. The second angel I detected was at our concert in Omaha, Nebraska. Earlier that day we had toured the winter quarters area where the temple and old pioneer graveyard are located. At the visitors center there, Barry called my attention to four words displayed prominently at the entrance: Consecration, Sacrifice, Cooperation and Charity. I realized that these things were what we specifically needing to practice during this choir tour. These pioneer angels were certainly in attendance at our concert that night and I especially felt the presence of William Clayton who composed Come Come Ye Saints at Winter Quarters. It was as if he was conducting us during that rendition.
The Spirit taught me that the Lord uses the choir to prepare the hearts of true and honest people for His coming. There were countless miracles taking place in the hearts of the many people who heard us sing.
At our final concert in Denver, Co. at the Redrocks ampitheater, We had the joyous surprise of Pres. Monson attending! What a spectacular setting! I rejoiced in song as I gazed at the beauties of the Lord's creations around me. Toward the end of the concert, as we sang Come Come Ye Saints, my mind had a fleeting glimpse of special angels in heaven. They were the truest and most loyal friends revealed to my mortal mind from past eternities. Their faces and hearts were full of love, care and comfort for me . They had been watching over me all along. My heart was filled to overflowing so much that I could not sing. What a sweet and precious moment that I will always remember and cherish. I thank the Lord for His kindness and concern over the details of our lives. I thank Him for the blessings he sends us through a living prophet and for the privilege and honor it is to sing in His choir.


Wendy said...

What a wonderful experience for you. I imagine that being in the Choir that you often have Spiritual experiences. That is so great.

Neil and Ms.T said...

Wonderful! Still watching you every Sunday! HUGS! T

Linda said...

Loved reading about the experience. It's not often that we can have such vivid experiences, but when it happens, we never forget! Thanks for all you share in your experiences in that angelic choir!